Welcome to my Forest

Hello, Readers. I am Arlene Switzer Flynn, the author of Buzzard’s Glory. The novel made its debut in February of 2014, and is a story of remarkable courage, stamina, and a child’s will to survive in the mid-twentieth century Shenandoah Valley, nestled in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains.

I can be found in my chicken-filled yard, busy in the garden, and suckling the best out of my vegetables and herbs. I have done this since childhood, knowing the goodness it provides. My home is in a Virginia National Park with many trees and excellent neighbors.

My faithful dog, Braveheart, makes the rounds with me and in the evening sits on my lap giving me the feeling that all is well. I am an early riser and can be found in the early morning hours before dawn pounding on my keyboard, writing whatever comes to mind.

I am a proud member of The Daughters of the American Revolution and write articles for Women’s Voices Magazine. I have a background of excellence in commercial and residential real estate, and finally as a corporate broker for home mortgages. In my 40 years of business dealings, I held fast to those same principles written in my novel. There is no glass ceiling for anyone!

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