Business management vs. Free stuff

Even free stuff isn’t free anymore. The world it is a changin’. Point of fact out here in my Forest there are lots of pine and oak trees.

I have nothing against the Oak per se but I’m allergic to them. This time of year their leaves turn a lovely shade mingled with various other tree specimens of hard woods and put on a magnificent display. Where upon their leaves come tumbling to the ground creating all sorts of havoc in their wake.

My husband goes into a frenzy trying to clear just the two acres of oak leaves from our front yard. Every year it is getting harder to deal with and I’ve begun to wonder if he just bought a snow blower like the one I saw used in the movie “Grumpy Old Men” if it might calm his nerves around this time of the year.

No one wants allergies but when it comes to the Oak they do have their advantages when you look on the bright side of leaves two feet in depth adding to that wind blowing drifts on our property blocking the light from coming in my front windows. I don’t have to clean up the buggers. Yes there is a back to the property but we will just have to leave that for another time.

Now as to my thoughts, the Oak is messing with my Pines. I love the whispering pines. They are green all year round plus pine cones make for lovely craft items for those crafty sort of folks. Sorry to say I’m not one but I do know how to draw a crowd giving them away.

Whatever time of year a pine will sway in the midst of a storm or a soft summer breeze. The Pine it seems to me always has something inspirational to say that’s why it’s up 24/7 three hundred sixty five days a year all green smelling way past wonderful.

The Oak reminds me of my husband. He gives good advice but he does need his rest sort of like a bear he hibernates. It seems to me every Fall as he has grown older he wants to hibernate just about the time the last oak leave has fallen.

Women are problem solvers. I took matters into my own hands to retain my Pines making life better for them  whispering to me “I need more space to grow. ”

A very nice fellow cleans our chimneys every year. It ain’t free I can tell you that much. He has a sideline of selling good oak fire wood. It’s expensive and he sells it by what he calls a cord. You can get all the cords you want if you have big bucks to put out. I’ve seen his cord of wood. Hummmmmm I don’t know it just looks like a small pile to me.

Stay with me here I’m going around the barn to tell you why I feel like I need a straight jacket so as not to whack someone up aside the head this week-end. Me!

The total count on the oaks are forty-five tall mature trees. They would be great for a furniture maker but we are a little short of those  in this part of the country.

I’m of a giving nature and thought of our chimney sweep. Perhaps he would like them if I had a tree person in and paid to fell them to the ground for him. The chimney sweep would have enough wood to sell for let’s say crappers years at no cost to him at all except for getting it off my property and onto his for splitting into firewood, which he does anyway. Oh and he sells mulch on the menu of things to earn a living also.

There would be plenty of that at no cost to him as well from the limbs.  He is the one that owns the big ass chipper not me.

I placed a call and his office manager who seemed very excited and thought he might just want that. I waited with baited breath, told the whispering pines help was on the way for them and soon the gates of heaven would open so they could see more of the sky.

Never count your chickens before they hatch. I got a call back this morning. Yuppers would love that wood been looking for just the sort of trees you’ve got. Go ahead and fell them, have the trunks cut into eighteen inch lengths and hauled to my property. Never mind about the branches for mulching  you can have them hauled as long as they are not over say ….. inches round. Oh and if you would like to schedule your chimney for cleaning I’m so sorry to say I’ve had to raise my price again this year. Inflation you understand.

Hell’s freezing over out here in my Forest and I’m buying an ax. I’m a mountain woman and don’t think I don’t know how to use an ax to fell a tree and split wood and I told him so.

We have folks around these parts that would be grateful for good wood to burn helping them stay warm this winter. You just wait until those oaks go naked this winter. I won’t be in need of the chimney sweep fellow this year for the oil furnace to run.

I’ll be hotter than a pepper spout swinging my ax felling oak trees so my Pines can whisper more stories for me to tell you.

Have a great week-end. I’m starting early. It’s got to be five o’clock somewhere!!




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