Mary Maryquite contrary

How does your garden grow?

For my friend Mary today when my story is done you might say not so well does your garden grown. I beg to differ.

I just left the emergency room after receiving a call from the EMT’s in route with my friend Mary taking her to the emergency room. She is seventy years old and had taken an awful tumble in her tiny little apartment for the disabled.

Mary and I started out together over 45 years ago. We two were both behind the snow plows and skid loaders of your future. Yes, like our grandmothers before us we were plowing the road you skip upon in your high heels controlling the board rooms of today.

Mary became a computer programer unheard of in those years of yesterday. I started a business also unheard of for a woman. We were both so successful and never lost our way to bring others along weather male or female.

Pinching pennies we both began our adventure with life. I remember Mary’s happy face the day she bought her first brand new car paying cash as we both refused the debt that other baby boomer were taking on. She had an lovely apartment, nice cloths and friends that loved her so. Genius and talent she wore and who would have known as she never spouted it to those that crossed her path.

One year and two days after graduation a drunk driver with no insurance hit her head on as she was on her work. I was there at the hospital watching waiting while everyone else gave up. They said she’d never walk again. They said she would be brain dead,  hell they said she’d never live and if she did be a vegetable.

Nights turned into days and days into weeks and weeks into months. A day came when finally out of the hallo bolted onto her head and off the rotating bed she was moved forward for physical therapy. A waste her family said. Abandoned  now by fellow co workers they wheeled her down a long hall way at the hospital to begin her physical therapy. She was on a rolling gurney as I recall. We passed a woman angry for her lot in life in a wheel chair. “What have you got to smile about she shouted at my friend Mary. ” Mary answered “Lady this smile is all they say I have left and it is you I am giving it too”. Nurses cried as we moved forward toward the elevator to carry her down two floor to begin her nothingness.

Two years later we left that hospital upright and walking. It may have been with a walker but none the less she walked and the Doctor’s that had cared for her bent and broken body wiped tears from their eyes and called her a miracle.

All memory of her accident was gone as well as her years in college and her trade. She began to read now alone in her care unit, a tiny little space allotted her. She remembered how to make those famous lemon bars too. She remember  much about getting up and not giving up. I am so glad she is my friend.

I held her today as she begged me “don’t let them put me in a nursing home not yet please not yet.”

She is unable to walk again but if I know my Mary the fall will have done her good. She can stand holding tightly to her life support, her walker. She just can’t put one foot in front of the other yet. She will. Help will have to be brought in to cook, clean, bath and tend to those things we take for granted as we move along with our day complaining over one thing or another.

If that car driven by a drunken man with no insurance had not plowed head first into hers there is no doubt in my mind she would have become Steve Jobs right hand. Perhaps second in command at Mircosoft.

Think on it and waste no time either. I’ll see her tomorrow and I know what I’ll get, a smile is what I’ll get because we are back to the beginning again. Her smile through the weaving of my words I hope will inspire you to do as she did all those years ago and give hope, courage and the will to survive, thrive and watch me plow the road for the both of us as we did together all those years ago.  This time I’ll use my words, my gift to weave them coupled with her courage.

I drink a toast this eve to my friend Mary and I ponder in my mind who has plowed the path for whom?

She takes joy in my success and I take strength in her smile.

So Mary Mary how does your garden grow. It grew to the sky my friend and it took me with you.

Thank you Mary and no there will be no nursing home for you not as long as I have a breath in my body.






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