Our Military

Hello Everyone,

I’m off for a few days baking oatmeal cookies. The old fashion kind, you know the ones with real butter, oats, flour, cinnamon, nuts and raisins.

The house smells so wonderful and that wonderful 1950 General Motors cook range is doing a happy dance. It’ll never let me down like the five year let’s break it so you have to buy another one would.

We’ve been together since the end of the big one, WWll. That is the reason I’m baking all these cookies for the guys and gals that gave so we could have our freedom to be as wonderful or as stupid as we want to be.

The cookies will go to the VA Hospital bus trip for our men and women to see their monuments. I hope they enjoy them. It’s such a little thing to do for all they have done for us.

If you see a veteran today give him/her a big hug and thank them!

It’s for sure they won’t ask to be thanked. Hero’s all!!

See you soon and remember play nice in the big ole world.




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