Ponder this why don’t you?

Folks do I have a life lesson for you today. It’s raining and I think you would enjoy reading my October column in Women Voices Magazine.

It is titled “Lighten Up”.

Go to http://www.womensvoicesmagazine.com find the Family Section and select “Back in Grandma’s Arms.” I’m going to tell you a story that might just change your life.

You do that while I work on the sequel to Buzzard’s Glory my novel.  I’m calling it “The Little Yellow Purse.”

While we are on the subject of life lessons you can find one among the weaving of the words in Buzzard’s Glory. You might want to go  and check that out too. I mean what’s rain for anyway, reading, sleeping and wandering out in my Forest among the whispering pines.

You can find good ole “Buzzard’s Glory” via http://www.arleneswitzerflynn.com or at your local Barnes & Noble book store. I’ve have the nook up soon. If you don’t see it it will be because they have sold out again. The e reader in all forms is up on the web-site arleneswitzerflynn.com.

Sixteen states in the first four months after release ain’t bad. Just sayn’, I have no idea how many states it is in now. I’ve lost track.



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