So you think you know it all do you?

I’m just the little ole lady tending a flock of chickens with a dog named Braveheart. I walk among the whispering pines listening to the goings on.  It helps me figure out stuff.

Let me tell you just a snippet. Question? Why is Brazil buying our treasury bonds? Those guys do the tango for goodness sakes. The word we think your too stupid to figure this out comes to mind and the name Bernie.  Wondering if his prison time included working for the Federal Reserve.

Every since the day that damn physic’s major came up with the formula we now know as the derivative  became a snake which bit the ass of every major investor riding a tail wind that broke the backs of many a poor fellow and some small countries we have been whining in our beer.

I say you want to hear the fiddler be prepared to pay for the tune. There is no fast track except for the fool. We know the story about the fool and his money right?

This entire post came about because a First Sargent wanted to hang his uniform jacket in the first class area on a hanger so it would not get wrinkled while he rode in coach. Our military does that you know. They ride in coach. They are also all volunteer men and women. This means they know what to do and how to get it done. They are the brightest this nation has ever seen. I will say this they are not your fathers, your grandfathers men of wars of yesteryear s.

They know more stuff, do more stuff and pay a dear price for it more than any other military in our history. No one dragged them they went willingly.

I’ve often pondered why they do such a thing when they could play video games and collect government checks with free cell phones.

I’ll tell you why so some bad ass lady having a bad ass day can be rude and make up her own rules.

Mark this down in the annals of time. They are there and they are watching and they will on a dime lay down their lives for you.

Next time hang up their jacket and thank them. They frankly are all we have left when it’s time to start over.

I’ll be in my garden in the Spring until then I’ll be walking through the whispering pines and gathering eggs from my hen house ,my buddy Braveheart in tow. We know the drill. Do you?





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