Falling Down is Good for You!!

Yes, you read that correctly, falling down is good for you. Let’s say for example you fell down and hit bottom. I mean that bottom pit that scares you so badly you think you’re in a nightmare of some sort.

You’re a failure and you can prove it. Now look down. What do you see? There is nothing to see you’ve hit bottom.

Look up, what do you see? The world as your oyster that’s what you see!

When I left the solace of the whispering pines I call my Forest for the concrete jungle nearly 50 plus years ago I faced failure. It became a life style there was so much of it going around for women in business back in those days. Others too I imagine like our Vietnam Vet.s

I was simply one of those women who chose to climb the mountain to see the view. Sure glad I did that! I like the view!

Toward success boy ole boy did I fall down and meet rejection. So many times actually I bought a ‘Little Red Book’. Didn’t need a black book or want one. I knew they were for the men folk and I sure didn’t want my name in one.

My red book consisted of lots of things better left unsaid  until I’m dead dead dead! One thing in my red book was who turned me down and why? Did they have good reason Yes or No? If Yes, side note to self, in my little red book make friends with that person they know more than I do. Pick that brain and keep climbing the mountain.

Don’t be shocked when the day comes that they come calling on you for advice. The higher you move toward the top of the mountain the faster they come a’callin’.

I’m sure that I could site quite a few cases of failure. Just pick a name, google it and ask about failures.

Listen up now this here is free advice so you don’t have to sit in a chair or lay down on a couch paying hard earned money to learn.  Those folks that failed made life fun, exciting and appealing. How you ask? They got back up!!

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is not goggling over others success but making your own. There are all forms of success. No ones says your name has to be Bill Gates to have made a success with your life. Think on that while your looking at that big oyster in the sky. We were not born walking and talking we learned from those who knew. Choose carefully from whom you learn and what you choose to pass on for future tender ears to hear.

While you’re there on the bottom you may as well pick something you love doing before you decide to get back up and give it another go.

Whatever you decide do it wisely with something you love doing. Do it honestly. Be square with your deals.

I’m here to tell you the climb up the mountain goes a lot faster if you do.

Play nice in the big ole world this week. I’m back in the Forest now among the whispering pines, still learning, still moving forward and I’m forever in love with love.

Side note to self. When composing a blog it’s best to leave Miss Merlot alone. She tends to forget her are’s form her you’re s.

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