Just saynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’

I’m not walking among the whispering pines today. It’s raining cats, dogs and frogs. Instead I’m doing some drinkn’ thinkn’ in bed. Don’t get excited I’m drinking coffee getting wired to pull an all niter writing.

Why you ask?

I got an email telling me words wait for no man. I don’t know, just sayn’ he sent along his picture. Big fellow and he was on a Harley with a boat load of tattoos. His one demand “where the hell is Della now that Ursula is gone?” I guess he read my novel Buzzard’s Glory. Oh and he had a bottle of Jack he was holding up and he said “Walter I’m coming after your woman if you can’t tame her I will?”

Read the first chapter free at http://www.arleneswitzerflynn.com It’ll give you an idea why he wants her.

Disclaimer: read at your own risk.

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