New me!!

I have a new do and it’s at .

New look, new prices on my work and easy access to my column in Women Voices Magazine with a direct link to Through the Whispering Pines, my blog.

All my e readers and book orders are through pay pal and I fell safe with them. It’s a click away not four like before.

I am so very happy about this. Authors whether  published through an established press or with a big fat agent know they must do their part to become winners.

We come into the world full of wonderment. What we do with it is entirely up to us from the cradle to the grave. Make the most of it and when you meet a genius like Tina Smith grab hold with both hands. There will be more about her later as we develop more into the web- site. What you see now is just the beginning.

Rise up be brave and move forever forward!!

I thank you to the thousands that have bought my first novel and I would like to say to you that yes I have the sequel almost ready. I will add that there are another four books in the works.

Relaxed now that I am in good hands with Tina Smith I will go back to my writing and leave to her genius the things I do not understand.

Arlene Switzer Flynn, the “Word Weaver”




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