Climbing the Mountain

I left my Forest yesterday for a long trek way up to the top of the mountain where it meets the sky to pick apples. The higher you go the sweeter the apples I say. My daughter went with me along with a city slicker friend from Chicago.
I came out with bushels of apples not a few in a bag. I make applesauce the old fashion way along with apple pie filling to put up for the winter. There will be apple pie , apple cobbler, apple sauce and such tasting as fresh as the day they came off the tree for the family during the long cold winter months out here in my Forest.
One might ask why any sane person would do his after all they sell apple pie and applesauce in every grocery store in America? I’m going to tell you. It’s wholesome that’s why. It’s for the family for another. It is a gift of love that encompasses all understanding to me even if it appears to be lost to the masses.
Each apple peeled by hand with my trusty sharp paring knife. I don’t own or have ever used an apple peeler in my life. I understand they work well, save time and all that stuff but they take away from my gentle time as my thoughts linger into the future and who will savor every bite made with the effort I am putting out in love this day.

It’s a time of sharing now with not just my daughter but now my granddaughter as I pass the knowledge on.
They watch and chat away then leave me to my silly way of doing things not knowing just how much they are learning all the while. What I do is watch life renewing itself with them in tow. Wisdom of the ages passed on to the two I love so dearly.
I stir my concoctions in small batches with a wooden spoon over an old cook stove giving new life to God’s gift for this bounty of fruit. This will be the last of the season of canning for me. All done my Lauder will be filled and ready for the snow, ice and gloom some think of as the long winter months to come.
Out here in my Forest the air has already felt the nip of fall. The mountaintop we visited now burned into my memory where the sky showing off the valley below was aglow of the colors of fall. It was truly a site to behold. I will remember the colors as I walk among the whispering pines of my Forest talking it all out with God my precious dog Braveheart at my side until the buds of Spring appear once again.

The Spring will announce the renewal of a new growing season for my garden as will the Apple blossoms sending out a glory of blooms setting fruit for another Fall season as I walk with my Braveheart among the whispering pines waiting with grand anticipation.
We both hold years of life in our bones but our hearts are golden with the thoughts of youth and so we make our long way walking each day just after dawn not knowing our bones are old or that they even hurt. You see we are listening to the whispering pines tell us of the treasures yet to unfold for us.
We know stuff we two and we are passing the knowledge on to you, “If you can dream it you can become your dreams.”
Well the timer just went off and another batch is ready to come out of the caner.  I’ll fall into a peaceful sleep tonight listening to the sound of the mason jar lids popping telling me they have sealed tightly.

Talk to you again soon. Until then Dream On!!!

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