It’s November already

Hello Folks,

While I’m still waist deep in the making of applesauce to fill the pantry for the cold winter months ahead. I thought you might like to read the November article I wrote for Women Voices magazine.  I’m in the Family Section of “Back in Grandma’s Arms.”


I’ve posted the link below to take you straight to it. Thanksgiving is about a lot of things and I hope you enjoy my telling of the story of it. Most of all have fun and remember why we have this Holiday. Please remember those that could use a little help having a Thanksgiving at their home this year through your giving. While we’re at it if you have an Uncle Billy (he’s in the article) give him special attention this year.


Gotta’ go the timer just went off and Whew another batch has bit the dust just waiting for the pantry shelf. A woman’s gotta’ do what a woman’s gotta’ do!!


Oh and the next novel is ready for the editor. WooHoo!! I’ll keep you informed on the progress. The title has been chosen. I’m calling it ‘The Birchshire Suite’.   Rock on Ursula!!

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