The right to vote

I just came back from my walk through the whispering pines. The air is crisp and as I inhaled the smell of Fall my thoughts went to my lovely grandmother.


When she was born women didn’t have the right to vote in this country. She told me stories of how her mother with her in tow carried signs marching and in general making what men thought a much a-do about nothing. There place was in the home. The men knew everything there was to know about politics and for my great-grandmother and grandmother if must have been a time of great disappointment. Year after year they would march and it seemed for naught to many but not to these brave ones that stood strong in their convictions.


On one such occasion a tussle broke out in the streets in Boston during their sign waving and singing loudly for the right to vote. My great-grandmother was arrested. Hauled off in a paddy wagon drawn by two horses to the town jail. It must have been frightening for my grandmother to see her mother taken away.


Her mother was given a good talking too and sent home now more determined than ever. Mother and daughter were out in the streets with signs waving and flags flying the very next day. This determination welled up in my own grandmother and when her mother passed on she continued the cause for the right of all women to vote.


Married now my grandmother was still barred from voting. Then the day came when all the work and all the effort of my grandmother and the women before her got what they had sought so long for … the right to vote. Because of her I am a determined woman. She taught me to never be a 100% all the time right woman but to listen and vote my conscious.


On my walk about early today with my dog Braveheart at my side I pondered who has thought things through and how many are just following the crowd? Think things through as you cast your ballet today. Vote a true conscious.


It’s important because before you came those brave determined women and the few brave men that supported them that you have this day … think things through there is responsibility that goes along with our right to vote.





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