#Corn Pudding and other stuff

The weather has turned chilly and the thoughts of Thanksgiving were waffling around in my brain as I began my walk among The Whispering Pines just after dawn this morning. No my brain wasn’t frozen not so as I could tell anyway.

I had corn pudding on my mind so I thought I might share the recipe. It’s a wonder to behold and once you’ve tasted it you will never be the same.

My second novel has been taking up way to much of my time. I’m trying to get it out in February. ‘The Birchshire Suite’. I hate it even though I wrote it. It’s fifty shades of why don’t you tell someone that gives a Crap. I suspect it will sell millions.

I’ve heard from the men folks that ‘Buzzard’s Glory’ is a chick flick based on the free read of the first chapter on my web-site. It’s for sure not even if the first chapter looks like it might be. The old saying don’t buy a book by it’s cover sure applies for ole ‘Buzzard’s Glory’, the novel. There’s more drama, sex, deceit, humor and abuse in it than watching an old bald fellow tear up his ticket at a sure fire win on a filly he placed his last dollar bet on at the track.

If you’re interested you can go to http://www.arleneswitzerflynn.net and check it out for your own self if you have the courage.

I’ve got me a granddaughter who found herself a handsome hunk with a famer’s tan on my mind. I’m posting this recipe for her as well as you folks. I’m hoping she will make it for the future in laws to seal the deal.

She’s having Thanksgiving with them this year and I’ll miss her but it’s for a good cause, great grandchildren. I want great grandchildren to rock until they are old enough to walk with me among the whispering pines.


I don’t do old it’s been done before and everyone that knows me can testify to my youthful nature. I love young folks. Old people want to talk about their latest Doctor’s visit and impending surgery. Me I want to watch the glory of a future generation unfold in all it’s splendor.

All righty folks the recipe is below if you’re interested. Until then here is something else to entertain you until you make it for Thanksgiving you can go to http://www.womensvoicesmagazine.com/family-section/back-in-grandmas-arms/#.VErLPcuZlc it should hold you until the horrors of editing are finished on the titillating novel, ‘The Birchshire Suite’.


Corn Pudding 101 City Slicker Style


1 package of frozen thawed and drained yellow corn, around 17 ounces
1 can of 17 oz. cream style corn
1 cup of sour cream
2 sticks of melted butter
1 box of Jeffy corn mix
2 beaten eggs
1 Tspn. Sugar


In a bowl mix all the ingredients and pour into a 9×12 greased casserole dish
Bake @ 350 degrees F for 40 minutes or until golden brown.





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