Crapper News!!

I know, I know this blog is usually about my little walks through the whispering pines. It’s winter, well okay almost winter. A Virginia winter means a real winter in the mountains and a gloomy wet matted mess of cloudy days followed by misty rain, sleet, black ice interstate pile ups and intermittent 75-80 degree sunny teasers the closer you get to the coastline.

So many things have changed for me since February 15th 2014. The release of the novel ‘Buzzard’s Glory’ took me by surprise. Happy surprise mind you but nonetheless surprise. It’s being read in I lost count after twenty states and a new crew took over marketing so I could write more books.

I have written four more novels now but getting the sequel to ‘Buzzard’s Glory’ ready for release has become a ‘Crapper’ of the highest order. It’s like a love affair with insanity. It needs more, it needs less and the title has been changed twice. Should I release it as a series of three books? Beats the crap out of me, I can’t decide? The people that know about these things are telling me first things first and the sequel comes first. Hold off on ‘George’ they say after all you’re going to kill him off anyway and let his tiny hinny beauty fix the mess he left her.

I could miss out getting my box of chocolate covered cherries for Valentine’s Day from my husband if it’s not ready. Those of you having read ‘Buzzard’s Glory’ know all about Carroll and his wonderful box of chocolate covered cherries in first grade. Gosh, if I had only kissed him back. I admit it was a failing of mine but that’s another book for another time.

I write time period pieces, hardships and survival. The truth of things  coming at the reader in waves as if caught up in the perfect storm with no hope; men have been there, women have been there and everyone loves to hate Della and Walter equally.

In the sequel, Ursula’s on the run. The question is will she land in the Birchshire Suite or in the bastard Brody’s bed. Holy Crap Brody he’s a combination of Della and Walter. It’s a friggn’ nightmare for a mountain girl who looks like a movie star and doesn’t know it.

If the sun ever shines out here in my Forest, I’ll post thoughts from the whispering pines? If not folks it’s ‘Crapper News’ you’ll be a gitin’.

You can always find me at should you be one of those in the need to know about the doings in ‘Buzzard’s Glory’?

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