Yea, Murcrow is back!! It’s a Christmas miracle!! Many of you know I live in what I call my Forest. Actually, it’s a Federal Park and the government being what it is a decision was made to release packs of coyotes into the park to reduce the deer population. Personally I think a good ole fashion round up to reduce the herd would have worked better but hey no one ask me.

The result was my clutch of hens including my grand Rooster Buckie all murdered at the hands of the nasty coyotes. A time of sorrow filled the air out here among the whispering pines, for weeks all manner of domestic and free forest critters began to disappear. Fear loomed heavy among my Forest friends and the whispering pines wept silent in the telling of the tales of the goings on as I walked among them unafraid. I carry a very big stick and fear none especially the nasty coyote’s. My faithful dog Braveheart always at my side we talked and walked it all out and decided fear was the enemy not the coyote.

When I saw Murcrow just after dawn this morning a life lesson of sorts took shape in my mind. None not one walks alone as God is watching, protecting and waiting for just the perfect timing to renew and restore us all. So, Murcrow a jet black hen with emerald green embedded feathers a beautiful example of strength of survival learned from life lessons as she lives under the protection of our Creator again greeted me.

Miracles are as stars in the night sky they shine so bright even on a cloudy night. Look up toward the Heavens in Thanksgiving catch one and make it your own.

If you want me I’ll be in the corn crib today cuz Murcrows back and I want to make her welcome!!

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