Beans, Greens and other things

Hello Folks,


I woke up this morning with an upset stomach. Don’t feel sorry for me I earned it. How you say, well my husband the type 2 diabetic came home with a box of donuts last evening. He knows he shouldn’t have them and picking up just one to crush his unrelenting desire for the sweets got the best of him. He needed back up and bought a dozen.  I could have thrown them in the trash and should have but in the dead of night I ate the remaining six to keep him from a feasting frenzy over coffee when he woke up this morning in need of another fix. My fault not his.


They have a pill/shots for that he says when his sugar shot up from the doing of what he knows better.  It seems they have a pill or a fix for everything these days.


Soooooo getting back to my upset stomach I pulled one of his ginger ales out of the fridg. . In my entire life time I doubt I’ve had ten soda pops but like I said my stomach was upset and we all know ginger is good for that sort of thing.


I popped the top  took a sip and looked at the label out of curiosity.  Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate (Preservative), caramel color, artificial ginger flavor. Yeppers I just took a sip of poison.


We are eating poison folks. I ask you what ever happened to beans, greens and such? What ever happen to the Holy water of the day, aka; Cod Liver Oil? When did we allow ourselves to turn our lives over to corporate farming and genetically modified food as our source for survival and say when we are fat and ill they’ve got a pill for that?


I remember pulling weeds from the fields on our farm as a kid not spraying them with Round-Up and passing them off as Organic.


Did you know you can get an organic label to sell your beef if you play music to all those cramped up cows in your feeder barns you just can’t get certified organic because you use chemicals on the field you grow the corn you feed them. Well hells bells there is no such thing in this country as non-Monsato corn anymore here. May as well spray agent orange on the crop. Makes the harvest easier, more money the farmers barn is encased in Mozart coming from a stereo system. Happy Happy Cows. Poor cows. Someone should let the barn door open hang a  GPS to the lead bull so he can lead them to some grass land if that even exists anymore.


Now back to the real artificial Ginger Ale I took a sip of. I threw it out mixed a little baking soda in a small glass of water, belched loud enough to wake the dead and waited on a good ol’ fashion double flusher.


I’m fine now.


Chew on that today when your waffling down your Mozart organic flavored petroleum based cheese burger, greenhouse controlled water cress salad and soda pop.

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