A knock upon my door!!

Yesterday late in the afternoon three young teenage boys walked up my long driveway and knocked upon my front door.

The afternoon had turned hot and humid and with skateboards in hand one ask for the three if they could please have a glass of water? Oh my yes I answered and ask if they would like to come in to rest and cool off before continuing on their way. No they answered we’re all hot and sweaty but if you can spare a glass of water please.

I returned with three of my largest glasses filled to the brim of cool spring water and handed one to each of them. The water disappeared in seconds so I ask if they would like another. Yes please they answered in unison and so I returned to my kitchen to refilled all three glasses for them to drink their fill. There was one banana left on the counter from my husband’s ritual morning treat. I decided I would cut it into three pieces to get a little potassium into these wandering worn torn souls.

I don’t think they understood the banana part when I returned with the refilled glasses of water but I do think they were hungry so they were glad for the treat.

“What brings you out to these parts”, I ask? “We were on our way to visit our friend and didn’t realize it was so far they told me. We flagged down a car about a mile down the road and ask if he had a bottle of water to spare or even just a sip from the one in his console but he said, see that swamp across the road; you boys go have at it there’s plenty of water over there, and drove off.”

They called their friend with their cell phone but his parents were still at work and so were these three young teenager’s parents that knocked upon my door. Thus, their modes of transportation were their only possession with wheels, their skateboards.

By the time they made it past the swamp and into my part of the Forest they were plum tuckered out. Hydrated but still not themselves yet I suggested they sit on the bench in the shade of two tremendous old Oak trees and rest for a spell.

Returning the glasses to the kitchen I took to my rocker wondering what these three were thinking and talking about as they rested in the shade of the two Oak’s their heads bowed while cooling their sweaty bottoms on my old stone bench.

I know what I was thinking. What kind of a person would tell three teenage boys to “have at it to quench their thirst in the black putrid water of old water logged swamp”?  I was hot under the collar and I don’t mind admitting it. I thought to myself probably the same sort that sucks up to his boss and derogates his wife and children that’s who?

We have all come these buggers in the course of our life. If you are one of these sorts, stop for a moment, take a breath and change your way of thinking toward others thereby changing the way you live your life. Imagine yourself parched for a simple sip of water standing next to a black water swamp. Drink the swamp water and become ill, possible die or call out for help from a stranger traveling in your mist. It occurred to me that when God was handing out Faith, Hope and Charity this fellow along with many others these days went “that’s going to cost me in time, effort and expense I could use to buy bigger toys. I’ll take Selfish, Pride and Arrogance and not worry about Slough catching up to me.”

Somewhere in the mist of my anger I began praying for the water hoarding stinker whom didn’t know how to share.

I suppose some would chastise me for opening the door to three young men carrying skateboards. “Good grief woman they could have robbed you and beaten you to death with their skateboards”, some would say. They could have but they would have had a hard time in  the doing of it trust me.

I’m like the old lady that gets pulled by the police with a colt 45 on the passenger’s seat next to her. The officer ask her if she had any other weapons and she said well yes one in the glove compartment, a shot gun under the quilt in the back seat and an AK 47 in the truck.” “Good Lord woman what are you afraid of the officer ask?” She answered, “not a damn thing sir how about you”?

I wear the Armor of Christ and have the most wonderful protection ever sitting on the top of my pre-War War II General Motors made porcelain cook-stove. My fifty-year-old well-seasoned cast iron frying pan and I know how to use it if the need ever arises. One whack with it and hell will come a calling for you.

Now to you the bad sort that went beyond rude to the three that knocked upon my door. If you’re thirsty, hungry or need to rest your weary head you will be welcome all the same at my door. Knock anytime.

After my talk it out time with God he ask me to give you a message. He loves you, he’s waiting for you to knock upon his door to hand you a receipt for the already paid for sin of Selfishness, Pride and Arrogant miserable self you think you are in total control of. It won’t cost you an earthly dime. It will grant you the peace you are so longing for.

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