Just saynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’

I’m not walking among the whispering pines today. It’s raining cats, dogs and frogs. Instead I’m doing some drinkn’ thinkn’ in bed. Don’t get excited I’m drinking coffee getting wired to pull an all niter writing.

Why you ask?

I got an email telling me words wait for no man. I don’t know, just sayn’ he sent along his picture. Big fellow and he was on a Harley with a boat load of tattoos. His one demand “where the hell is Della now that Ursula is gone?” I guess he read my novel Buzzard’s Glory. Oh and he had a bottle of Jack he was holding up and he said “Walter I’m coming after your woman if you can’t tame her I will?”

Read the first chapter free at http://www.arleneswitzerflynn.com It’ll give you an idea why he wants her.

Disclaimer: read at your own risk.


Falling Down is Good for You!!

Yes, you read that correctly, falling down is good for you. Let’s say for example you fell down and hit bottom. I mean that bottom pit that scares you so badly you think you’re in a nightmare of some sort.

You’re a failure and you can prove it. Now look down. What do you see? There is nothing to see you’ve hit bottom.

Look up, what do you see? The world as your oyster that’s what you see!

When I left the solace of the whispering pines I call my Forest for the concrete jungle nearly 50 plus years ago I faced failure. It became a life style there was so much of it going around for women in business back in those days. Others too I imagine like our Vietnam Vet.s

I was simply one of those women who chose to climb the mountain to see the view. Sure glad I did that! I like the view!

Toward success boy ole boy did I fall down and meet rejection. So many times actually I bought a ‘Little Red Book’. Didn’t need a black book or want one. I knew they were for the men folk and I sure didn’t want my name in one.

My red book consisted of lots of things better left unsaid  until I’m dead dead dead! One thing in my red book was who turned me down and why? Did they have good reason Yes or No? If Yes, side note to self, in my little red book make friends with that person they know more than I do. Pick that brain and keep climbing the mountain.

Don’t be shocked when the day comes that they come calling on you for advice. The higher you move toward the top of the mountain the faster they come a’callin’.

I’m sure that I could site quite a few cases of failure. Just pick a name, google it and ask about failures.

Listen up now this here is free advice so you don’t have to sit in a chair or lay down on a couch paying hard earned money to learn.  Those folks that failed made life fun, exciting and appealing. How you ask? They got back up!!

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is not goggling over others success but making your own. There are all forms of success. No ones says your name has to be Bill Gates to have made a success with your life. Think on that while your looking at that big oyster in the sky. We were not born walking and talking we learned from those who knew. Choose carefully from whom you learn and what you choose to pass on for future tender ears to hear.

While you’re there on the bottom you may as well pick something you love doing before you decide to get back up and give it another go.

Whatever you decide do it wisely with something you love doing. Do it honestly. Be square with your deals.

I’m here to tell you the climb up the mountain goes a lot faster if you do.

Play nice in the big ole world this week. I’m back in the Forest now among the whispering pines, still learning, still moving forward and I’m forever in love with love.

Side note to self. When composing a blog it’s best to leave Miss Merlot alone. She tends to forget her are’s form her you’re s.

Bobble Heads/Journalist

I was exhausted last night. The hour was late but I couldn’t sleep either. Turning on our thousand-channel pay through the ass luxury package cable TV service provider I couldn’t find a dern thing interesting. Even the mind-numbing channel was a repeat.

My last resort was the news you know the 24/7/365 news. I go flicking around for the best Bobble Head/Journalist I can tolerate. We really don’t have many root out the real story writers left anymore. Everyone is so pretty showing lots of cleavage and the highest heels and the longest lashes ah less not leave out the men here. Those guys are the biggest bunch of prissy faced dressed up macaques’ I’ve ever seen.

I began to notice that they all run in packs with guest called authority persons. You know the kind, the I’m always right sort of folks running from cable news channel to cable news channel. Everyone seems to know the answer but not one knows how to accomplish the goal. It occurred to me I was watching a game show of sorts that could cost me a bundle of money if the wrong person farted in public in an effort to drive the market up or down.

Old news really to someone of my years.

The Vanderbilt, Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie of their day would make Warren Buffett and his buddies look like janitors compared to their genius. Those, the big four understood the art of negotiation and were closers all until the end.

When I worked in the concrete jungle, I began selling real estate. I did it for gosh over way past a decade or more. I did it during the rough times too in the 70’s and 80’s. In the 80’s it was selling the Savings and Loan mess for the greed-ridden failures. They called me the Road Runner. Not matter the state their private jets took me to, I closed the deal.

I wasn’t their road runner I was a closer. I must tell you I never sold a piece of real estate in my life. I sold ego’s, magnolia trees, spring fed mountain land for hysterically more money than it was worth weather it had a structure on it or not.

So here we go again, everything old is new again. Wonderful people and some not so wonderful are losing all their stuff while others are winning. I liked being a closer. I took money from the bad guys selling them real property. I made ever effort to sell to any greedy invested investor I could find property worth less and got them to pay more in an all out effort to let the poor dumb homeowner duped in the first place come out even.

News Flash! You folks out there that made those I’m here to help you bank deals. These would be the ones where the bank reduced the loan on your house and you found a buyer for. Your special real estate agent got the lender to accept less thus forgiving the debt. Don’t blame him/her. Their job is disposing of real estate. They found a buyer for the bank/lender/sold to Fannie Mae/derivative  to take the house off your hands. The above reduced the loan on your house so it wouldn’t stay vacant or become vacant. Things happen to vacant houses as in stuff being stole, such things from toilet’s to kitchen cabinets torn out and sold for scrap. Banks don’t like that sort of thing you understand. So here to help they will reduce your loan when a buyer is found and you think Jesus just came back and saved your ass.

Think again folks! The bank with the come to Jesus moment reducing your unpaid loan balance will turn the lost part of the loan they so graciously reduced over to a collection agency. Naturally the bank will include all the expenses, grass cutting, lost interest earned on the deferred money they feel you dumb shits have put them through in an all out effort to haunt you for the rest of your God Given Life.

This is how they do it. The collectors (as in agencies or lawyers) watch, wait and monitor. You stop crying in your beer, find a new job, improve your credit history and even buy another house. Like a buzzard they dive in and get a judgment for their client’s (the lender/lenders) loss. Didn’t know that did you?

A judgment is different from a secured lean and yet the same. With a recorded judgment, wages now garnished reducing the amount of your payroll check turning your stable environment upside down yet again.

Let’s say you get the grand offer for an even better job all the equity from the sale of your nice new start over house will go toward paying the unpaid balance out of the settlement proceeds you were counting on to close on the loan of the future house you have contracted to buy is pretty much history now.

I don’t think your real estate agent will know that. Probably not the attorney either if you ask him. Naturally he will listen and for a fee check into that for you. You will find yourself sitting at a closing table scratching  your ass while it’s being explained to you. With no where to turn but another relative for a free place to sleep you sign the papers. Funny isn’t it how things come into view when money is involved and money loves hind-site.

I’m normally full of fun uplifting things to write about. My apologies to all those expecting more of that. All hope is not lost however, I could be wrong as rain and this is not legal advice or fear mongering. Just a little ditty I may or not know something about referred to as a disclaimer notice.

Count your life with the thought all things are possible and one day Warren Buffett or another counterpart could be cleaning your bathroom and dusting your furniture. Move forward without fear but hope and gratefulness.  I mean become a closer in your own right after all the bastard’s can’t take your underwear especially if you choose not to wear any just to mess with their minds.

That’s all a good closer does anyway, we keep em’ thinking they just got the best of us and there is a prize for them in the cracker jack box they refer to as the fine print they so creative put in.

Sign here and a lovely magnolia tree belongs to you and only you. Dern judge wasn’t that fine print a border, I for sure thought it looked like it they will argue and loose when your fine print over rides theirs.

Remember to play nice but smart out there in the big bad world this coming week. The wolves they are a watching.


So you think you know it all do you?

I’m just the little ole lady tending a flock of chickens with a dog named Braveheart. I walk among the whispering pines listening to the goings on.  It helps me figure out stuff.

Let me tell you just a snippet. Question? Why is Brazil buying our treasury bonds? Those guys do the tango for goodness sakes. The word we think your too stupid to figure this out comes to mind and the name Bernie.  Wondering if his prison time included working for the Federal Reserve.

Every since the day that damn physic’s major came up with the formula we now know as the derivative  became a snake which bit the ass of every major investor riding a tail wind that broke the backs of many a poor fellow and some small countries we have been whining in our beer.

I say you want to hear the fiddler be prepared to pay for the tune. There is no fast track except for the fool. We know the story about the fool and his money right?

This entire post came about because a First Sargent wanted to hang his uniform jacket in the first class area on a hanger so it would not get wrinkled while he rode in coach. Our military does that you know. They ride in coach. They are also all volunteer men and women. This means they know what to do and how to get it done. They are the brightest this nation has ever seen. I will say this they are not your fathers, your grandfathers men of wars of yesteryear s.

They know more stuff, do more stuff and pay a dear price for it more than any other military in our history. No one dragged them they went willingly.

I’ve often pondered why they do such a thing when they could play video games and collect government checks with free cell phones.

I’ll tell you why so some bad ass lady having a bad ass day can be rude and make up her own rules.

Mark this down in the annals of time. They are there and they are watching and they will on a dime lay down their lives for you.

Next time hang up their jacket and thank them. They frankly are all we have left when it’s time to start over.

I’ll be in my garden in the Spring until then I’ll be walking through the whispering pines and gathering eggs from my hen house ,my buddy Braveheart in tow. We know the drill. Do you?





Ponder this why don’t you?

Folks do I have a life lesson for you today. It’s raining and I think you would enjoy reading my October column in Women Voices Magazine.

It is titled “Lighten Up”.

Go to http://www.womensvoicesmagazine.com find the Family Section and select “Back in Grandma’s Arms.” I’m going to tell you a story that might just change your life.

You do that while I work on the sequel to Buzzard’s Glory my novel.  I’m calling it “The Little Yellow Purse.”

While we are on the subject of life lessons you can find one among the weaving of the words in Buzzard’s Glory. You might want to go  and check that out too. I mean what’s rain for anyway, reading, sleeping and wandering out in my Forest among the whispering pines.

You can find good ole “Buzzard’s Glory” via http://www.arleneswitzerflynn.com or at your local Barnes & Noble book store. I’ve have the nook up soon. If you don’t see it it will be because they have sold out again. The e reader in all forms is up on the web-site arleneswitzerflynn.com.

Sixteen states in the first four months after release ain’t bad. Just sayn’, I have no idea how many states it is in now. I’ve lost track.



Our Military

Hello Everyone,

I’m off for a few days baking oatmeal cookies. The old fashion kind, you know the ones with real butter, oats, flour, cinnamon, nuts and raisins.

The house smells so wonderful and that wonderful 1950 General Motors cook range is doing a happy dance. It’ll never let me down like the five year let’s break it so you have to buy another one would.

We’ve been together since the end of the big one, WWll. That is the reason I’m baking all these cookies for the guys and gals that gave so we could have our freedom to be as wonderful or as stupid as we want to be.

The cookies will go to the VA Hospital bus trip for our men and women to see their monuments. I hope they enjoy them. It’s such a little thing to do for all they have done for us.

If you see a veteran today give him/her a big hug and thank them!

It’s for sure they won’t ask to be thanked. Hero’s all!!

See you soon and remember play nice in the big ole world.




Mary Maryquite contrary

How does your garden grow?

For my friend Mary today when my story is done you might say not so well does your garden grown. I beg to differ.

I just left the emergency room after receiving a call from the EMT’s in route with my friend Mary taking her to the emergency room. She is seventy years old and had taken an awful tumble in her tiny little apartment for the disabled.

Mary and I started out together over 45 years ago. We two were both behind the snow plows and skid loaders of your future. Yes, like our grandmothers before us we were plowing the road you skip upon in your high heels controlling the board rooms of today.

Mary became a computer programer unheard of in those years of yesterday. I started a business also unheard of for a woman. We were both so successful and never lost our way to bring others along weather male or female.

Pinching pennies we both began our adventure with life. I remember Mary’s happy face the day she bought her first brand new car paying cash as we both refused the debt that other baby boomer were taking on. She had an lovely apartment, nice cloths and friends that loved her so. Genius and talent she wore and who would have known as she never spouted it to those that crossed her path.

One year and two days after graduation a drunk driver with no insurance hit her head on as she was on her work. I was there at the hospital watching waiting while everyone else gave up. They said she’d never walk again. They said she would be brain dead,  hell they said she’d never live and if she did be a vegetable.

Nights turned into days and days into weeks and weeks into months. A day came when finally out of the hallo bolted onto her head and off the rotating bed she was moved forward for physical therapy. A waste her family said. Abandoned  now by fellow co workers they wheeled her down a long hall way at the hospital to begin her physical therapy. She was on a rolling gurney as I recall. We passed a woman angry for her lot in life in a wheel chair. “What have you got to smile about she shouted at my friend Mary. ” Mary answered “Lady this smile is all they say I have left and it is you I am giving it too”. Nurses cried as we moved forward toward the elevator to carry her down two floor to begin her nothingness.

Two years later we left that hospital upright and walking. It may have been with a walker but none the less she walked and the Doctor’s that had cared for her bent and broken body wiped tears from their eyes and called her a miracle.

All memory of her accident was gone as well as her years in college and her trade. She began to read now alone in her care unit, a tiny little space allotted her. She remembered how to make those famous lemon bars too. She remember  much about getting up and not giving up. I am so glad she is my friend.

I held her today as she begged me “don’t let them put me in a nursing home not yet please not yet.”

She is unable to walk again but if I know my Mary the fall will have done her good. She can stand holding tightly to her life support, her walker. She just can’t put one foot in front of the other yet. She will. Help will have to be brought in to cook, clean, bath and tend to those things we take for granted as we move along with our day complaining over one thing or another.

If that car driven by a drunken man with no insurance had not plowed head first into hers there is no doubt in my mind she would have become Steve Jobs right hand. Perhaps second in command at Mircosoft.

Think on it and waste no time either. I’ll see her tomorrow and I know what I’ll get, a smile is what I’ll get because we are back to the beginning again. Her smile through the weaving of my words I hope will inspire you to do as she did all those years ago and give hope, courage and the will to survive, thrive and watch me plow the road for the both of us as we did together all those years ago.  This time I’ll use my words, my gift to weave them coupled with her courage.

I drink a toast this eve to my friend Mary and I ponder in my mind who has plowed the path for whom?

She takes joy in my success and I take strength in her smile.

So Mary Mary how does your garden grow. It grew to the sky my friend and it took me with you.

Thank you Mary and no there will be no nursing home for you not as long as I have a breath in my body.






Thoughts from the Forest