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Thank a veteran today. Go to a veteran’s hospital and give one a hug. See with your own eyes what they have done for you. They for sure won’t ask for it. Thank a veterans family today. Give the mother,  or  wife/husband and children a hug and thank them. They for sure won’t ask for one either. Hero’s all.

Our new military is an all volunteer one. They are the brightest bravest men and women this country can offer up. No one made them go yet they go and endure so you and I don’t have too.

I don’t care about your political preference, who’s right one hundred present of the time. They don’t either. They go so you don’t have too.

An God forbid if needed they will come from over there to here and stand guard in front of your house, your place of work, where your children go to school and where you shop so you don’t have too.

Our men and women in today’s military wrap you saver than in the cradled of your mamma’s arms. Thank them today they for sure won’t ask for it. Hero’s one and all!!

If your a praying person pray today for the old and the new those that have given and those that continue to give to keep the sweet smell of Freedom alive and well.