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Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses. On my way home this morning from an early errand I found myself fiddling around with the radio in my Pony looking for a radio station when a song with the lyrics Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses came on.  It tells the story of America’s  strength, courage and taking care of business when freedom is threatened anyplace anytime where ever it may be  in the world.


Those that follow me know me also know I don’t go around hawking an opinion on this or on that as if to say I’m the only opinion in the universe. However this is different. The news is full of reports on the burning of the pilot by ISIS.


I say give the King of Jordan what he needs, more than he needs and whats more no more talk of the evil ISIS. Strike hard without declaration of war, talks, committees, sub-committees and more crap that burns the ears of a people fighting for existence.


This could and may become one of your sons or daughters and don’t doubt it if this evil is not eliminated. I don’t mean stop them in their tracks to regroup  I mean destroy the bastards out of existences. Hit them hard, long and continuous  unrelenting until they are no more.


Saddle up America and when it’s all over there will be Whiskey for our men and Beer for their horses.


That’s my say and I’m sticking to it!!