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Life’s many storms

It was noon. Could have been any day of the week or year. I am looking out my kitchen window when Buckie, my rooster began gathering all of his hens back into the brooder house.

He’s not stupid and knew we were under a tornado warning.

Noooooooo, don’t ask me how he knew because he doesn’t have internet or cable TV access in his part of my Forest. None-the-less he knew.

One hen, Murcrow the cougar of the brood was no where to be found.
Buckie crowed and wailed in anguish, “Murcrow hurry hurry the sky is black as night”. She’s not talking and I’m not telling on her either. Soooooooooo I see him waddling out of the brooder house risking life and tail feathers in search of her.
She had found her a spot behind a big bush tucked in nice and comfy under the eave in the back of the house.  Naturally I am privy to all of the doings because like I said earlier I’m looking out the kitchen window and for most folks that would be the back of the house.
Murcrow seems proud of Buckie and his show of affection. Him being the boss of things and protector of his hens. Sooooooooo in her I’m okay voice she chirps “all is well and you have done your best. Now go back and attend to your frightened brood of hens.”
She has seen 16 years of all four seasons now having reached the age where she frankly doesn’t give a crap what the weather is up too.

Crawling next to her behind the big bush under the overhang of the house roof below my kitchen window I hear him tell her, “I’m here, I love you. You were my first fix into roosterhood and I ain’t leavin’ you now”!!

When trouble comes into your life and trust me I’m as old as Murcow in hen years take a lesson and listen.  Saddle up, put your booted foot in the strip, grab the ear of this wild stallion of life, throw your body up and over and ride like the wind for success.  Buckie did!

If that doesn’t work for you hide out and miss being near the ones you love, the dreams you wish you had followed. Don’t do that it’s been done before. Doesn’t work does it?

I watched an old hen teach a young buck rooster to take a risk out of love, passion and respect. When it’s your turn pay it forward. Ride now friends, ride like the wind. Follow your dream we’re all burning daylight in one way or the other!!

Career Choices!!

I know what you’re thinking. What would a woman living in a Forest tending chickens with a dog tame enough not to eat them have a clue about career choices.

Quiet a lot actually. I wasn’t always in my Forest. There was a time when I wandered around lost in the concrete jungle and called it home. I was good at it too. I turned it into an art form in fact. Up before dawn just to have a single minute to myself before the house woke up and everyone began yelling for his or her turn in line. I did it and I’m still doing it just in a different way that’s all.

One very important thing to know if you are young and just starting out or shall we say of a more mature nature….attitude has everything to do with aptitude.

Are you afraid of failing, getting fired, hate your boss and think this raw deal working thing basically sucks, you’re not alone. If you do it’s time for an attitude adjustment. We all need them from time to time including me.

I’m a prime example of this very thing. I did my time, worked hard and thought whew it’s my turn now. Soooooooooo I bought a house in what I now call my Forest and commenced to doing what good ole Southern ladies do. I planted beans, potatoes, tomatoes and so many things to eat I could have invited the entire county over for a vegan day and still had plenty leftover. The stuff keeps growing and producing you know so I took to preserving it for the long lonesome winter. We had a long one too. It was colder that a witches teat whatever that means.

Before dawn the ground blanketed in new fallen snow, 4:30 am actually, I bolted out of bed. The moon was full and though the window out here among the whispering pines I saw a lone deer making tracks no doubt trying to figure out how to get into the hen house and steal herself some cracked corn.

Oh did I mention I went all out on this retirement thing  raising my small flock of chickens. I mean getting out of the concrete jungle meant relaxation right? Total non-stop relaxation!

Hummmmmmm how’s that working for ya at any age?

They arrived as chicks from some place in Wisconsin chirping away in a tiny little box though the postal service. Who does this sort of thing I wondered as I looked at the stressed out little buggers?

Since we were all beginning life together, I thought they should have names. Prozac came to mind along with Zanax, Trazadone and after considerable research I managed to find relaxing names for every psychotic condition known to humanity.

I need to get back on track here now where was I oh yes bolting out of bed before dawn? Well it’s like this I had replaced the concrete jungle for dirt and I knew it. Running not walking to my computer I began to write. The more I wrote the better I felt. The better I felt the more my attitude changed.

Five hundred and fifty pages later good ole “Buzzard’s Glory” an inspirational fictional novel was born so I could go back into the concrete jungle.

Oh my goodness now what? I’m attached to my druggie friends the hens plus I love the eggs they lay. I love being able to open my pantry door and know old man GMO isn’t in there. Fresh preserved produce is fabulous just in case you might be wondering but I want my jungle too.

Sooooooooo here it comes folks, find something you are passionate about. When opportunity knocks don’t complain about the noise let new things enter into your life, try them on to see if they fit well. If they do keep what becomes your passion and do what I call the thirty-second turn to success.

Change your attitude and watch your aptitude climb in value.